Develop an inexperienced in-house Photo Studio staff into an efficient and technically excellent team through coaching and recruitment. Improve team performance by setting clear expectations and goals, while providing continuous creative evaluation, implementing process improvements, and elevating performance standards.

Distinguish the Golfsmith brand from its competitors by creating motivational lifestyle photography and enhancing the presentation of golf and tennis gear and apparel.

Collaborate closely with the Creative Department in all areas of creative development.


Thorough analysis of future business goals, current successes, and opportunities.

Evaluate existing talent to determine strengths and opportuinites. Plan for professional development and coaching to improve the necessary skills to meet company creative goals.

Implement standards for photography and proofing  in order to immediately elevate creative output and give daily feedback.


Evaluate current photo studio facilities and equipment and plan for expansion and growth.

Introduce professional styling techniques and source the necessary talent to enhance the presentation of apparel.

Develop a plan to produce beautiful lifestyle photography in order to build the  Golfsmith brand.



Enhanced the photographic presentation of all product categories through improved lighting technique, polished on-figure and off-figure styling, and harmonious photo design, both in the studio and on location.

Introduced technology and color management principals to maximize reproduction capabilities in digital and print environments.

Made process improvements, eliminating redundancy while maximizing staff strengths, in order to be flexible and responsive in a dynamic, fast paced environment.

Increased apparel sales using lifestyle photography, improved off-figure styling and lighting, studio model photography, and collaboration with the design team for stronger overall presentation.

Designed and oversaw the construction of a new Photo Studio, emphasizing efficient workflow and flexibility, to support increased web volume and future video production.

Developed an internal pre-press and web image preparation team to reduce costs and improve internal quality control.

Improved staff engagement and skills through coaching, personnel recruitment, training, and leadership.

Created an emotional connection with the consumer by using “on the course” lifestyle photography for web, print, and visual merchandising.

Emphasized planning and preparation to ensure 100% on-time delivery of images.