Women’s Initiative 2014 Campaigns. Create a brand new category within Dick’s Sporting Goods targeting professional women who embrace fitness as a major lifestyle choice. Showcase photography and video across all channels including print, web, in-store media, and mobile.

Campaign Message: Fit ‘14
Media: Catalog, Direct Mail, Tab, Ecommerce, National Advertising


Select the perfect locations with beautiful outdoor urban settings (considering the season), indoor facilities (yoga, crossfit, pilates, health clubs, etc.). Booked two signature female models to be brand leaders as soon as we began planning for the campaign ensuring we would have an inspirational female voice.

Select a photographer, with a proven track record with photographing fitness and lifestyle, which we had worked with successfully in the past.

Assemble a team of a Producer, Hair and Makeup Artist, Stylist, and support crew intended to maximize the overall creative execution of the campaign. Negotiated all fees, permits, and usage.


Achieved the business goal of establishing the Dick’s Sporting Goods brand as a force in women’s fitness gear and apparel. Created a consistent and motivational experience across all major channels. Was the most successful campaign of 2014.

Successful and positive collaboration between client, creative agencies, media agencies, talent agencies, independent contractors, and local government to produce a complex and highly creative campaign.

To watch the Dick’s Sporting Goods Spring 2014 Women’s Fitness video follow this link:


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