Produce photography and video to support the Dick’s Sporting Goods Untouchable campaign  showcasing the upcoming season’s new gear and apparel in an authentic and inspirational way,

Identify elite high school baseball programs with a history of success in their geographical regions that have the facilities and community to support baseball, girl’s softball, and little league photo shoots.

Negotiate permits, fees, usage, and scheduling with local school boards and administration, parks departments, and local talent observing all NCAA guidelines.


Utilize a personal network of talented photographers to select the right combination of technical and creative skills for this particular project.

Assemble a crew of experienced production and support staff to ensure smooth planning and operations throughout the life of the project.

Research and scout locations that meet the creative needs of this project, maximizing the chance of creative and operational success.

Collaborate with the Digital Media Team to produce an innovative, interactive, web shopping experience on dsg.com.


Review and evaluate the Campaign Brief and Creative Brief in order to  formulate a plan to create  inspirational photography and video across all marketing channels for the company.

Select locations based on the quality of high school baseball programs, weather, facilities, district enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate on the project.

Begin to assemble a team and put subcontractors on hold.


Review estimates, evaluate photographers, present options to the Creative Team.

Set up creative meetings, location scouting, legal document review for properties and amateur athletes.

Acquire permits, signatures of legal documents, negotiate fees and usage, discuss necessary photo and digital equipment, rentals, approve estimates.

Review accommodations and schedules.



Produced exciting and inspirational photography and video that was used across multiple channels, direct mail, catalog, circulars, in-store display, print advertising, email, and web.

Successfully collaborated internally and externally with numerous partners and resources on a large scale print and video production that delivered the creative and sales goals for the organization.

To watch the Dick’s Sporting Goods Baseball 2014 video follow this link:


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