Rarely a product comes along that satisfies all 22 Laws of Immutable Marketing written by Ries & Trout in 1995. The ToiletClean is the first ever chemical free toilet bowl cleaner that both prevents stains in the toilet and kills bacteria that causes mildew fungus and odors.

Toilet bowl cleaners are the seventh largest non-food category in supermarkets and ToiletClean is the first chemical free product. Similar to the achievements of Diet Coke and Light Beer, ToiletClean creates a new category within an already existing large one. The marketing high ground.


The ToiletClean was a new product development that satisfied all 22 of the Immutable Laws of Marketing as defined by Al Ries & Jack Trout. As a result we reached out to the legendary team of strategists and were received with an extraordinary hospitality and generosity as they invited us to visit with them in studio during a book promotion tour.

Thus began our most cherished working relationship with them and the journey to introduce this new product to the American consumer. We still have the spontaneous design Al drew up on his notepad and the notes from Jack and his strategic vision for this product. The marketing efforts were set to begin.

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This new product being chemical free the assumption of the company was to promote the environmental safeness of ToiletClean. Our thinking was that when it comes to bathroom cleanliness, consumers don’t care if chemical  cleaners are dangerous since they are so compulsive about cleaning their bathrooms.

As directed by Ries & Trout, we subordinated the environment friendliness as a secondary benefit and promoted the ToiletClean as the next generation of toilet cleaner, technology replacing chemistry. The result were millions of dollars sold, introduced on the Joan Rivers “Can We Shop” show and then QVC.


ToiletClean was introduced on Can We Shop with Joan Rivers and became the second best selling product on air at that point. ToiletClean was the first product to be brought back a second time. QVC then negotiated an exclusive deal with the company and ran the item for 8 years selling millions of dollars.

ToiletClean has maintained its value over these many years maintaining their distribution program through television and mail order companies. In 2015 ToiletClean will be introducing the next generation of the product, ToiletCelan Silo, guaranteed to keep toilets clean, chemical free, for 4 years or 100,000 flushes.