Beautiful, Delicious Food (Photography)

by on March 27 2015

One of our clients, Kosher By Gloria, was putting together Passover recipes to share with her followers and needed some beautiful photographs to accompany them. The photography would be done in her home and focus on five dishes, plantain chips, potato-apple galette, coq au vin, swiss meringue, and fudgey flourless and nut-free chocolate cake. All of these dishes are kosher but “sinfully delicious”.

The first setup was the Plantain Chips.

Our second setup was in the dining room, Coq au Vin. This was a wider shot showing more environment, the meal just served. I generally like a natural light feel for most food photography and this fit into that category.

We were able to use a mixture of available light and strobe. Can you guess which one is Gloria? It’s always good when the client is smiling.

The next two photographs would utilize 100% natural light from the dining room window. The focus was on form and composition and working with one light source, particularly mother nature, made it easier to concentrate on that outcome.

Fudgey Flourless and Nut-free Chocolate Cake

Setting up the Fudgey Flourless and Nut-free Chocolate Cake.


The last shot would be another low angle environmental photo bathed in daylight (or strobes as the case may be).

Swiss Meringue